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Lee Hyori - Elle Magazine September Issue ‘14

I’m happy.

Give up now.

Master’s Sun (2013)

"Why should i be afraid of a dead person? Those who are living are scarier."

T o m o r r o w  C a n t a b i l e  | 2nd Teaser

1/_ Song Minguk being adorable

dancing to twist king


Shin Min Ah and Jo Jung Seok - InStyle Magazine October Issue ‘14

I feel you, Eric. I feel you.

"You believe in destiny? Honestly, I didn’t like you because you’re my destiny. I just started to like you when I laid my eyes on you. It was the hardest time of my life. Then you appeared. I was so happy… I kept going on about the destiny stuff. I wanted to make something happen". 

Nam Sang Hyo, have you really forgotten it all?


Go Joon Hee - Calvin Klein (F/W ‘14)

para pam dance

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