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To the success of Haru’s album and debut!


44/50 of Lee Kwang Soo

"I love you, Princess Snail".
- “I love you, Prince Lee Geon”. 

clueless daehan

“Actually, bus no. 909 doesn’t go to my home. I just… want to ride the same bus with her”.

“Indeed, life is full of surprises. The worst comes with the best. But we can get through life because sometimes the best comes with the worst. Marriage will concern both our families, not just us. We’ll experience discomfort due to other family issues. Nevertheless, I think marriage is totally worth it if you and I can spend even a moment together”.

"I’ll never go alone. I’d rather always hold on tightly to Mi Young’s hand.”

Kang Hye Jung fanclub

baby donghoonie


ep 2


122/ of Song Ji Hyo


Daehan and Minguk~

"I actually… love that face the most". 

“You are Gunmeo from Romeo and Juliet and Madam is Julmiyoung”.

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